Oh the Places I will Go...To Ski High Adventure Park

sky high 2 Continuing on with facing my fears and taking more adventures, this past Saturday my friend Annette and I went to tackle the Sky High Adventure Park at Holiday Valley. While I am deathly afraid of heights I knew this would be a challenge, a BIG one! I didn't want to let my fear win though, so I sucked it up and focused on the task at hand, living a little and enjoying the moment.

While I only accomplished the yellow courses (which were the easiest ones) I was proud that I did that. Annette was a great friend to take with, encouraging me, motivating me and telling me not to give up {I definitely needed that a couple times}. For $48 you get to zip line and climb through the forest for 3 hours. For an additional $3 you can purchase a roller coaster ride that takes you up a hill on what I like to call a bob sled and you control the speed on the way down {it was actually pretty fun}.

The weather was beautiful and it made for a great Saturday activity. Once you have your harness on {trained staff make sure you are properly sung} you take what I would say was a 15 minute crash course with a staff member.  They go over all the instructions on how to use your carabiner clips and the do's and don'ts of the park. Along with staff being on the ground helping people through the courses you can also walk below and follow along to take pictures and check out the other courses before climbing your way through them.

There are so many courses to try at Sky High that you simply couldn't complete them all in 3 hours {unless you were a pro and no one else was in the park}. Each course typically takes about 30 minutes -45 minutes depending on how many people are on that course. Guests who don't want to take part in the courses have the opportunity to stay back at the lodge and play putt-putt, ping pong, corn hole or read a nice book on the patio.

While standing on one of the platforms, just about to walk across one of the ropes with my legs visibly shaking {literally, even ask Annette}, I couldn't let fear win. While there were moments I wanted to give up and just get back on the ground, I would have regretted that decision in the long run. I'm looking forward to going back next year and completing another level, a more difficult one and continuing to face my fears.

For more information {times, pricing, etc.} on Sky High Adventure Park click here.


sky high 1

{ Thanks Annette for taking these photos of me during the course }

sky high 3

{ Pictures of various courses and the grounds around the park }

sky high 4

{ Facing fears and be adventurous! Post celebrations took place at Ellicottville Brewing Co. }