Observing Fans...

image Monday's are always not that great, but they especially stink after a Bills loss. While there were some highlights to Sunday's game {specifically, Lee Evans leading the charge} there are some things I observed at the game and am now voicing my opinion on....brace yourself.  Let me mention I've noticed these following things multiple times before.

1. Fans that wear jerseys of teams not playing { i.e; wearing a Patriots jersey to a Bills vs. Chargers game}. Don't get me wrong I'm all for fans showing their pride for the teams they like, but I've never understood why people do this.

2. The fans who constantly get up from their seats 20 million times {yes I'm exaggerating, sort of} during the game. The whole point of you being at the game is to watch and cheer on your team, not to go back and forth from your seat to the concourse.

3. The annoying and sometimes ignorant {yes I said it} fans who meet up with friends and squeeze multiple people into 3 seats and aren't considerate of others around them. I'm all for meeting up and saying hi to your friends, but never understood cramming a bunch of people all together. If you're going to the game together and don't want to be separated then get seats ALL TOGETHER! Yes, I understand based on availability that may not always be an option, but then plan to meet during certain times during the game somewhere.

4. I'm all about pride and cheering on your team, but when one or two plays don't go the way you want and fans start screaming ridiculous things, well to me it gets a little annoying. As a fan I want my team to get the big win just as much as you, but  do people think screaming things that don't make sense out during a game will make it better?

Maybe I'm being to harsh or crazy, but those are my 4 pet peeves at a football games. What are some of your pet peeves?

Go Bills!