teamlogo_3716_1356708371679[1] I was introduced to a new organization last week. The Buffalo City Swim Racers is a non profit that was created to introduce culturally diverse children to pool access. Its a great program and if you want to get involved please visit the link above!


Barre Centric is opening a new location in downtown Buffalo on September 14th! I can't wait to take a class in the upcoming weeks!


BreadHive is a worker cooperative bakery where they bake their products on Buffalo's West Side. You can pick up their products at the Elmwood-Bidwell or Williamsville's Farmers Market on Saturdays or head to Larkinville on Thursday's. This past Monday they opened a window {located at the front of the building} where you can purchase your bread, bagels, yogurt and Public Espresso Coffee. Follow them on social media to stay up to date!


I love flowers! And I'm always looking for different florists to go to, to see who makes the best arrangements, offers the best pricing and has a friendly staff. I've passed by Bloom a few times {located on Main St. in Buffalo}, but have never made it in. When doing my research for this post they came up and I've decided that in the next day or two I'm going to make a stop by, after all who doesn't love a batch of fresh flowers.


Very rarely to I get out to Medina, NY, but when I was going through social media the other night I came across Rock Paper Salon and immediately thought I want to check this place out. Not only is it a salon, but its a boutique that offers food as well.