Clinton Bailey Farmers Market

Yesterday my Mom and I made a stop to a couple farmers markets, one being the Farmers and Artisans Market on Main St. in Snyder. The place is quant and cute, but was more of a market to eat at instead of the traditional farmers market where you actually buy directly from the farmers. I would definitely go there for lunch some time, but for what I was looking to get we opted to leave and check out a different place. Since we wanted to walk around outside and pick our fruit and vegetables we decided to go to the Clinton Bailey farmers market. Because it was a Sunday and most markets are closed this was a good choice, there were no crowds of people and we were able to get some good fruit and veggies. We even picked up a few Gerber Daises for the garden. Open daily check them out some time.

What are some of your favorite farmer's markets?


clint bai


clinton bailey