Oh the adventures I will go; Pre-Dating Speed Dating

I'm not one to go out and look for love, as cliché as it is I believe if something is going to happen it will happen when you least expect it. Maybe that's good, maybe that's bad, who knows, but with the schedule I have right now, I'm lucky if I can find one day a week to catch up on things in my life, like just relaxing. So this past Sunday I attended a Pre-dating speed dating night at the Chocolate Bar {located on Chippewa}. Let's just say I was fulfilling a sort of bet with some of my friends. Annette and Sandra came for support and to make sure I stayed for the whole duration {because I told them I would leave the minute I felt like I was wasting my time}.

The event overall was ok, I met some interesting people and a majority of them were from out of town. The age bracket was from 24-39 which was a wide age range in my opinion. When it first started the first guy and I felt like we were in a race because we only had 6 minutes to talk, but after the first minute or so it wasn't so bad. I didn't like the bell that was rung every 6 minutes, it got annoying after a while.

Some guys were cool and I could carry a conversation with them and others I felt like those were the longest 6 minutes of my life. There was one guy who started talking to my friends downstairs during the 5 minute break we had and then there was another guy who was a little "stalkerish" to me so when it ended I bolted for the door not even waiting for my friends. The event lasted for about 2 hours {a little long I thought} and as the night went on I felt I met the more "interesting" guys.

If anything, it was nice to carry a conversation with someone in an somewhat organized setting compared to just going to a bar or something like that. Would I ever do this again? Well, I don't see it in my near future, but it was an experience that I didn't think I would ever do and I'm happy to have done it and I have some good stories to share with people.

Have you ever done speed dating or some sort of pre dating event before? What did you think of it?


{Photos courtesy  of Annette }

pre dating sign


{ Waiting for my drink }


{ Talking with one of the girls who was doing the speed dating too }


{ table #12 }


{ Chatting away }


{ Making notes before my next "date" }