Buffalo's Original Steak & Seafood

boss5 Last week for Local Restaurant week I didn't get to check out all the places I wanted to, but I did get to have dinner at a couple of new places I haven't been to yet. With that being said I thought today and tomorrow I would give my reviews on the restaurants I went to.

Today I'm talking about Boss {Buffalo's Original Steak & Seafood}. Boss is located where Fiamma Steakhouse used to be on Hertel Ave. by Starin. Being that it was local restaurant week my friends and I made reservations in advance and grabbed a glass of wine at the bar before going to our table. While I knew the restaurant was under new management the décor for the most part had stayed the same. The overall experience from service to food to décor I thought it was "eh, ok.".

The service wasn't the best, it was kind of slow {we had 6:30pm reservations and didn't leave until 10:30pm!}. Granted my friends and I were talking, but there were times when we looked at each other like where is our food, where is the bill. The food overall was just ok too. I wasn't impressed. We all ordered the chopped salad which was really good, and my friends all had steak and I ordered the salmon. The salmon was plain, it didn't have a lot of taste to it and for the steak, the seasoning was strong and spicy. I honestly preferred the old Fiamma over Boss.

Don't get me wrong I don't like giving bad reviews and I'm by no means a food critic, but I like to give my honest opinion and being that the restaurant wasn't busy {not all the tables were filled with people} I don't know why it was so slow. I know the owners of Boss also own Bambino Bar & Kitchen and I've only ever been there for a couple drinks so I can't compare if it was an "off" day or not.

Have you been there? What do you think?  While the first stop on my restaurant week wasn't that great make sure to see tomorrow's review I have on Bacchus.





{ Chopped salad was good! }


{ Salmon with Arugula salad }


{ One thing I did love - the "personalized B" purse holder }