{People Who Move Buffalo} Jeff Ware Resurgence Brewing Company

resurgence One of coolest people and projects I have got to see to date is Jeff from Resurgence Brewing Company. Located at 1250 Niagara Street in Buffalo, Resurgence Brewing Co. is more than just your ordinary brewery, but also will be offering something that Buffalo doesn't have right now, a communal beer garden for people to enjoy some fresh brews in a community type setting.

Buffalo is up and coming in the brewing business and in the downtown area for that matter, hence the name Resurgence. "Buffalo is coming back to life and I want to be a part of the great things that happen here," Jeff Ware.

When I asked Jeff what he loves about Buffalo and why he chose to stay here, he said; "Everywhere else has cool things, why can't we," there is nothing like it in this area. I chose Buffalo because its affordable, the lifestyle is great, there is a solid foundation here and its just a cool place to live and be.

Offering ales and lagers, Resurgence will have 10 draft lines and offer light foods, such as meat and cheese plates along with tastings and tours. This will be the perfect place to go for your happy hour. And after happy hour is over you can continue to enjoy the brews from Resurgence at local bars in the area, such as Blue Monk.

Born and raised in Western New York, Jeff has created a great place that is sure to be a hit with the locals. I for one am looking forward to coming back to see the finished brewery and enjoy some of their delicious Blood Orange beer.

Opening in May of 2014 make sure to follow Resurgence Brewing Company on Twitter and Like on Facebook to stay up to date on what I know is going to be an amazing, one of a kind brewery in Buffalo.


resurgence 4

{ What is going to be the doors to the outside beer garden }

resurgence 3

{ Renovations are starting to begin on the beer garden }

resurgence 2

{ This brewery is going to look amazing! Keeping the original restoration, the construction crew working so Resurgence can open next month }