A Little BBQ Action

dino bbq 1 Dinosaur BBQ made its way to Buffalo in the beginning of February and drew a big crowd {and still does}. For some this is a whole new experience to the world of BBQ and for others they are familiar because they have made the way down the 90 to Rochester to enjoy it. Last week my coworkers and I went on a work outing and I was able to see what all the hype was about. First, I loved the décor, the art work, the Buffalo memorabilia on the walls, the over all set-up was great. Now onto the food, it was good, really good! I had an original pulled pork sandwich and one chicken wing. Maybe its because I don't eat BBQ a lot, but the food was really good and our waitress was very helpful, she explained the menu to us and answered all of our questions. If you love BBQ food or just want to go for the experience I highly suggest you check it out. If going around popular times {lunch, dinner} be patient as it may be crowded. Next time I go, I have to check out the bar area.

If you've been, what do you think - is it what your expected?


dino bbq 3

dino bbq

dino bbq 4

{ If you're my friend, you know why I had to snap a pic of this sign #Queen }