{Women Who Move Buffalo} Jessica Saddleson

arm candy 1 Born and raised in Buffalo, Jessica Saddleson has pursued art from the very young age of 13 years old. Everyday even if its only something small, she makes time to draw. Teaching herself the "art behind art" Jessica does everything from murals (her most recent you can see at the new Agave restaurant on Elmwood Ave. (she only had 3 1/2 weeks to create a variety of pieces and did an awesome job!)), to classical and street oil paintings and body art to her new love of sharpie art. Taking traditional pieces she creates and putting a modern touch on them.

A year and a half ago Jessica decided to start her brand; Armcandy - a business that brings together local artists (from photography, music, and the arts) and help each other. Basically a support group for artists to come and support one another for the talented work they create.  In the upcoming months you will be able to see Jessica's most recent sharpie art (10 pieces) at Hardware on Allen St. In her most recent collection you will be able to see her art through her feelings - showcasing her deepest emotions. On April 6, you will also be able to see Jessica's work through the Wear Art Me Fashion Show a wearable art fashion show. Proceeds benefit the non profit- Impact Artists Gallery.

I am by no means an artistic person, do I like going to the Albright Knox or other art gallery's? Sure! But if you asked me what a piece means or represents - I wouldn't have no clue what to say. Seeing Jessica's artwork - especially her sharpie art work and the mural in Agave - she has an amazing talent and she knows how to use it. What keeps her going? Her support system - friends, family and nephew; the biggest influences in her life who push her to keep her drive. What inspires me about Jessica, the fact that she is talented and uses that talent in a positive way - teaching children about art at the Belle Center and at the end of the day will be her and the kids creating a mural piece togehter. The bigger picture is she is teaching them about the "opportunity to do something."

Buffalo is special to her because of the simple fact that the community is open to everything you do, you can express yourself and their is this openness you receive.

Jessica participates in multiple shows throughout the year including shows through the WNY Artists Group. She also sells her pieces - so if theirs something you like you can contact her directly. She also loves doing custom artwork, perfect for new business or home owners. Or those looking to add art to their home.

For more info follow Armcandy on Twitter, like her page of Facebook and follow her on Instagram (ArmCandy716).

One of the best things about this Women Who Move Buffalo series are the women I get to meet who truly love what they do. They are excited when they talk about their work and the fact that they enjoy what they do in a community that is supportive.


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