Niagara Wine Trail

nwt14 Over the weekend we celebrated multiple friends birthday's by going on a wine tour on the Niagara Wine Trail. Well we have done these before I was on a mission to be more responsible, open my horizons and try different wines - looking for a good, dry, red wine.

Our first stop was Honeymoon Winery and while I have like this winery in the past, the last time I was there they had "not so good" customer service. This time we stopped by and while the service was better than before, I still wasn't impressed. Their Pink Diamond and Pink Catawba is delicious, but it didn't cut it for me.

The next one stop was one of my favorite winery's on the Niagara Trail - Niagara Landing. Everything from their Rosebud Gold and Rosebud Peach is ooh so good, but this time I tried all red's - the merlot, perfect, Red Rooster delish and Raspberry Rose another new favorite of mine.



{Niagara Landing}

Schulze Winery was our next stop. They had a live band setting up for the afternoon. They also had some good red wines, but I didn't feel like spending $24 on one bottle {call me spoiled, but I'm used to paying $10 at the liquor stores}.



{ Group photo time }

Making our way, our fourth stop was to Becker Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards. While I love their Cherry Cider I chose to stick to wine and tried - well you guessed it, red wines. They were good, but I think I enjoy their beers better.

becker farms

The last winery on our list - I had never been to before - Leonard Oakes Winery. I was super excited to check out a new place, being on the Niagara Wine Trail numerous times before it was nice to taste and see different wineries on the trail. It had a spacious tasting room and they have an outdoor patio {to be used during the summer months}. Best of all I found a red wine {Cabernet Franc} that I purchased! Yay!


{ Leonard Oakes Winery }

After the stop at Leonard Oakes we still had two hours left on our limo, so we had the opportunity to stop at another winery not on our list, Spring Lake Winery. This to was a new winery I was never at. They offer wine ice cream and photo booth fun if you chose to pay a little more to use it. Their wine was pretty good, but had a limited selection compared to the other wineries.

spring lake winery

Overall, it was a nice afternoon with friends and goes to show you - going to the same wineries or wine trails doesn't always mean you are going to have the same experiences as the last time.