Carly's Club

carlys club Outside of the events I did at the radio station and a couple weddings here and there, one of my very first events I did on my own that was really the base of me stepping out in the event planning world was hosting my Cashin' in for Carly's Club event. Carly's Club is part of Roswell Park Cancer Institute and offers a number of support programs to make life more manageable for children diagnosed with cancer and their families. It also raises funds for pediatric cancer research. Seeing my father diagnosed with cancer and having to go through his chemo treatments and the "stress" is puts on a family, I can't imagine children having to go through such an awful illness. That's why I put on Cashin' in for Carly's Club to give back and do whatever I could to make their difficult time a little "less" difficult.

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Over 260 children are being served by Carly's Club and nearly 9,000 children will be diagnosed with cancer this year. The continued support for this organization will only help us get closer to having a world without cancer..


Carly's Club Event-44

{ My event was held at the Town Ballroom and was a carnival theme }Carly's Club Event-109

Carly's Club Event-30