Super Bowl Foods

superbowl 2014 With the Super Bowl this Sunday I thought I would post my top picks for what I will be snacking on {I hope Morgan isn't reading this post today!}

1. Guacomole - its easy to make and is one of the "healthier" options

2. Pizza! My favorite is cheese and banana peppers! Yum! Did you know delivery sales of pizza spike the most during close Super Bowl games - just a little fun fact thanks to {}

3. Chicken Wings! If you're from Buffalo and aren't eating chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday than I'd like to meet you!

4. Soft pretzels {with little to no salt} and cheese.

5. Beer and for you whiskey drinkers {Jack Daniels}

What are some of your must have food and drink items to have during the Super Bowl? Whatever you're doing for the big game, be safe, don't drink and drive and have fun!

Go Broncos!