Get A Clue - Buffalo Museum of Science

Friday Night the Buffalo Museum of Science was revamped into the well known board game- Clue! A handful of rooms on the second level of the building had volunteers holding clues to solve the mystery. Teams ran (some did) from room to room trying to figure out the murder mystery to win tickets to Beerology or Star Lights (both are Buffalo Science Museum events). The event was a lot of fun and had 200 people in attendance. It was an event out of the box, not a same old thing you would attend and you got to walk around the science museum, check things out and have a couple drinks to kill the time.

My only suggestion is letting teams chose times when they register, we arrived at 6pm thinking we would get to start the game right away and we had to wait until the 7:45 spot. Overall though it was a fun night out and our team; Buffalo's Solving Justice League Kids were close to winning!


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{ Buffalo's Solving Justice League Kids - #Teamname }

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