A taste of the WEBB

Over the weekend I attended my sister's work party at the Webb, which is an additional venue to Pearl Street Grill & Brewery. I have been to the Webb venue before {it was a venue choice of mine for an event I was possibly going to do}, so when I found out I was attending an event there I was excited to see how the general flow would be, along with trying there food/drink and customer service. Overall, I love the venue, it is rustic with a little bit of elegance. It was spacious and I feel in a convenient location. If you're looking for a more intimate and private setting this is the venue to use {if interested in Pearl Street}. The food - from hors' oeuvres to the buffet was really good. It was a step up from what you would get if you went to dinner at Pearl Street.

The only thing I wasn't to happy about was the bar service. There were two bartenders which was an adequate amount, but the first time up to the bar the bartender was a little standoffish, making me feel like I was inconveniencing them. As the night went on it went down to one bartender, leaving the bar a little busy. I did like the use of an old piece of furniture they used to re-vamp and display the draft beers on tap, it was a nice touch and fit in with the décor.

All in all it was a nice night and I was happy to attend an event that was "in place" there.

Its a great addition to the Pearl Street Grill & Brewery family.


pearl at the webb