January Activities

For the new year I have decided to break things down a little bit- let's face it there are a lot of things I put down on my "to-do" list to accomplish, so to be realistic I thought I would break it down into activities for me to accomplish each month. If I get to do more great, if not, I will be happy with accomplishing the things I have down for each month. jan activities

So this month I have put together winter activities I would like to accomplish {if the weather cooperates with me}.

First up - Rotary Rink - I've only been ice skating a couple of times and by no means am I good at it, but I would like to check out the downtown ice rink and get in on the winter fun that everyone has down there.

On deck is Colden Tubing and Kissing Bridge - I remember going to the Thruway Mall {a long time ago} when I was a kid and sledding down the snowy hills in the parking lot. As I've gotten older I've had the chance to go tubing in Colden, I'd love to here from you - what other places are good to go for sledding and tubing? I'd love to try and hit the slopes or lets be real the bunny hill and try to learn to ski too!

Third on the list is to check out the Burchfield Penney Art Center - I have yet to check this place out and I have driven past it multiple times since its been open.

Finally, on the January list of activities I was told about Horsefeathers winter market on the west side -  vendors of all kinds line up and sell fruits, jams and more on Saturday mornings.

What winter activities do you like to do?