Festival of Lights

flfinal In its 9th year the Festival of Lights has grown into a winter activity that anyone can go to and enjoy. While they are open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 5-9pm to drive through and see over 1,000 Christmas lights along with hosting activities in a variety of the buildings, the Festival staff have opened up the grounds on Wednesdays and for $5 you and a group of people can walk or even snow shoe through the grounds and enjoy the lights - you can even stop at one of the fire pits they have on hand to warm up.

Last night we saw husky's on a dog sled running around (it was like we were in Alaska) ok not really, but it was still pretty cool to watch. Overall it was a nice night to take a walk and check out all the different characters done up in lights and it was at an affordable price.