A distillery in our backyard

Located in a somewhat spacious area on the third floor of the Great Arrow Building Lockhouse Distillery {formerly Eight Buffalo Spirits} opened its doors for business this past weekend and with a great turnout sold out of there one-of-a-kind vodka within just a couple short hours. The distillery is the first one to open in Buffalo, NY since the Prohibition time. Made with quality and local ingredients I can attest its delicious and I was lucky enough to get there in the right amount of time to take a bottle home with me.



{Walking up to the third floor}


 {I arrived to a line of people waiting outside the distillery for their bottle of vodka}


{Inside the distillery}



{Samples while you waited for your purchase}

{"What has fallen we've rebuilt, what was outlawed we revived"}

                               -The quote on a wall inside Lockhouse Distillery