Monday Morning Wrap Up

rws A Monday is great after a Bills win, lots of fun stuff happened this weekend- a Sabres win on Friday, the Gatsby event at the Statler on Saturday and so much more. Today I want to "vent" about the Bills experience though. Being a diehard fan of theirs I must say I have observed each home game this season and need to share some things with you; the security that is hired - who hires them? because I think its horrible! Not to be biased because women can do things men can do, but a girl who is smoking and texting while drunken fans leave the stadium - hello - you are hired to make sure fans are leaving in an orderly way and not stumbling down hills or getting into fights, older staff who can hardly move and look like they belong in Elderwood "patrolling" up and down the stands during the game- you can hardly walk so if there is a fight taking place you'll be sure to see them arrive after its done and over with, I'm sure there is another position you could work at- oh and lets not forget the fan hotline commercial that plays on the HD Board during the 4th quarter- why even play it, people have already gotten into a fight or have left and lets not forget the "great" fans who get annihilated and care more about talking and squeezing in as many friends who sit in different sections in to one tiny seat - why did you leave the tailgate then? Oh and those fans who think they know what there talking about and scream out wrong penalties - thank you for showing everyone around you that you don't know anything about football.

Do I sound harsh? I'm sorry if I do, but is this really what going to a National Football League game is now? Is this the new norm? Because call me old school, but going to football games meant watching the game, cheering for your favorite team and hoping to get the win. Don't get me wrong I love my season tickets and I am lucky to be around season tickets holders that I enjoy and get along with greatly, but I feel as though people now have forgot about the real reason their at a football game - you should be there for the football. Yes, enjoy the experience - tailgate, have some beers, have some laughs, make jokes and nag on the fans wearing opponents jerseys, but also be condescend of the people around you. People take things to far and forget the real reason why their at a football game.

While these observations are just that, the fact that I said something that someone else may be thinking makes me feel better.

Enjoy your Monday and Go Bills!