Buffalo Links

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On the plane home from Chicago I read an article about a non profit organization Because I Said I Would, its an organization that challenges people to fulfill things they may not otherwise fulfill, such as running 4, 5k's in a year, etc. Even though its not a Buffalo based organization I still think the message is significant and wanted to share with you.


In a few short weeks at Queen City Market is hosting a shopping event for everyone who loves to buy local. Check out more info here


I'm in love with Love, MIA accessories. For any gal who wants to embrace the vintage style, their products are so pretty.


This Friday at the Steel Plant Museum is Exhibit Opening Gala a free event open to the public, showcasing the Bethlehem Steel Administration Building.


The amazing Lizzy Dugan is offering Holiday Glam Classes for those who want to know how to learn some of the latest and greatest Holiday hair and makeup tips. For more info you can go here