Backyard Wedding

Having done a numerous amount of weddings, I've seen a lot of creative things take place. This past weekend I was honored to be a part of the Mehltretter Wedding on Grand Island. This backyard wedding was amazing! Sabres themed, all the stops were pulled out... from having Doug Allen introduce the wedding party and sing the National Anthem, to a tent set up for photos where guests could strike a pose, Chinese Lanterns as a remembrance for loved ones, a bench for guests to sign, to having Mr. Softee come and hand out ice cream cones, it was one wedding to remember. Congrats again Mr. & Mrs. Mehltretter!


image-8{ Pre-Ceremony Set-Up }

image-6{ Getting ready to walk down the aisle }

image-3{ Stanley Cup shaped cake }

image-2{A little pop of color for the food table}


image-7{Strike a pose}

image-5{The 3 bright circles are the lanterns that were lite and let go in memory of loved ones who couldn't be with the family that day}

image-4{ Me with the one and only Doug Allen}

image-1{Another surprise- Mr. Softee}

image{A wedding collage from the Mehltretter's special day}

One of the wedding intro's video