Baskets Upon Baskets

Having done a variety of events for a number of years there are a lot of things I like about the event process, such as, taking an idea from scratch and making it come to life.  Décor is also always a favorite of mine. If there are vendors involved in the event I love bringing in new people and places to introduce to the general public. I also love seeing the guests faces when they walk in. One part of some events that can be nerve wracking is the auction or basket raffle, I love seeing the finishing product (some people can get pretty creative with baskets), but taking the time out to put baskets together can be an event in itself sometimes. Since I have an upcoming event taking place soon, I thought I would share pictures from the one of many days of basket wrapping. -B


:: Thank you Lloyds Taco Truck, House of Munch & Sweet Hearth for your donations! ::


:: A majority of people always love booze ::


:: Just one of the offices full of auction baskets ::