Decorator's Showhouse


From April 27 to May 19 you can see a variety of different designers who gave the Knox Summer Estate at Knox Farm in East Aurora a new look. The Decorator's Show House is sponsored by The Buffalo News and The Junior League of Buffalo.


Each room was re-designed by multiple designers. I had never been to the Knox Estate prior to this showing- all I knew about the estate was it was owned by the Knox Family until 2001, so I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to see the home.

I loved this living area - basically because I love this horse statue

The house is beautiful! Each room has its own character that is unique and different. While walking through the tour the one downfall I noticed was some volunteers in the rooms weren't as "personable" as others were about the history and what the rooms were used for prior to being "revamped" for the show. Each volunteer was provided a "cheat sheet" that had information about each room and what it was used for when the Knox Family was residing in the home and what the designer chose to do with the room for the showing. Some spoke when guests were in the room and others didn't say a word unless you asked them a question. While I was there I did however find out that the designers come back and take there displays down after the show is over. For me personally, to get more out of it I would have preferred a private tour of the home so I could have learned more about the history of estate.


Overall, it was a beautiful home and all the decorator's did a wonderful job. You can still go see the house through the weekend. Go here for ticket and parking information: Decorators Show House Tickets