A Taste of South Buffalo

IMG_2202 A few weeks ago at our CrosSpin class my friend Dana was talking to Amanda and I about this little "hole in the wall" tavern in South Buffalo who has the best chicken wings in Buffalo. Amanda and I didn't really get what all the hype was about until Saturday when we and 4 other of our friends went to the Nine Eleven Tavern on Bloomfield St in Buffalo.

We let Dana take charge and she ordered the "famous" Chicken Wings, French fries and Pizza Logs for all of us to try. The French fries (which are also a popular item to order there) were yummy. The pizza logs were just like any other pizza logs you may have had and then finally, the chicken wings (medium to order) came out and they were delicious!! They were crispy, but yet saucy and had a little spice to them, making them overall very tasty.

Keep in mind the tavern is small - if you plan to make a visit you may want to go for an early dinner or a late lunch as they do have limited seating in the dining area, but if you're more of a sit at the bar type of person you can eat there as well.

If you're a chicken wing connoisseur make a stop to the Nine Eleven Tavern and let me know what you think of the wings, I'd love to know.



Bars on the windows...

Thumbs up!


French Fries

Pizza Logs

The Chicken Wings...nice presentation..