The Draft Festivities at RWS

image-1photo-3photo-2 The NFL Draft was this past week and I had the opportunity to kick off the festivities at Ralph Wilson Stadium with my gal Lacey. While I attended a draft party a few years back, it was held in the Field House the last time I went and I thought the layout was better than this past year. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed walking through the Jim Kelly Club and getting to walk on the field and see the locker room, but the layout was a little "off" and it seemed to appear that no one (including the staff) were aware that the event was taking place outside. It felt like I was at a home game in the month of December. In the future if the Buffalo Bills Organization would like to hire me as there event planner for events like these I would be very, very happy to offer my services (hint, hint). Overall, Lacey and I made the best of it and had fun and in the end that's all that mattered. I'm looking forward to football season. Here's to hoping for a great upcoming season. Go Bills!!


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