The Buffalo Chophouse

The Buffalo Chophouse I've only had the opportunity to eat here once and it was a few years ago. I'll never forget the bill came to over $900! The biggest bill I had at a restaurant to date (granted there was a group of us) but still it was expensive. I remember the food being amazing and the staff, friendly. A few weeks ago I had to stop in to purchase a couple gift certificates for work, while I was there I took a couple pictures. Take a look below.

If you ever have the opportunity to eat there, don't pass it up! The food is out of this world, the restaurant is one of a kind and the owner, Mark Croce, is all for making Buffalo a better place. You can't pass that up.



The doors of the entry way

Upon entering the Chophouse, the bar welcomes you

The view of the Chophouse from Franklin St.