Back in time to see the Dinosaurs & Time to get ripped off

Dinosaurs on display While I don't like to write about bad events, I feel as though I have to write about an event I attended this past weekend, that left me and my family disappointed. The Buffalo Niagara Convention Center was home to Discover the Dinosaurs this past weekend and while crowds of people attended, a lot of people walked away thinking why did I attend this?

The event was publicized on local TV and radio and sounded like an exciting must-see event, but after walking through the 10 minute maze of dinosaur statues, it was pure disappointment. Half of the dinosaurs were displayed throughout half of the upstairs of the Convention Center while the rest of the smaller dinosaurs were just thrown in corners, as if the people in charge didn't have time to put them in appropriate spots. On the other half of the room upstairs, they had face painting and dinosaur rides. While there were activities for the children everything had an extra cost and nothing was really included with the admission price except walking through to see the 10 dinosaur statues, if that.

For a ridiculous price ($17 for adults 12 and up, $15 for 65 yrs and older and children 2-11 yrs $20) it was a big rip off in my opinion. The only rewarding part of this event was that my 2 year old niece enjoyed herself. If this event comes back to Buffalo next year I would tell anyone to save their money and go to the Buffalo Zoo or Niagara Falls Aquarium instead.


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Dinosaurs on display