My trip to the Tri-Main Center

Main St. in Buffalo The other day I had to drop off giveaway items to Bubbles & Berries Boudoir for the upcoming Boutique. Bridal. Party being held at the end of the month. Bubbles & Berries Boudoir is located in the Tri-Main Center on Main St. in Buffalo. I have never been inside this building so I didn't know what to expect.

When you walk in you will immediately see the space is filled with diverse occupants. The building is home to studio and industrial spaces along with office spaces which continues to make it one of Buffalo's landmark buildings. As you walk down the wide hallways you can see the history that lays in the walls and floors making it feel very industrial, but at the same time you can also see the renovations and modern touches that have been added as well. Each tenant has there space set-up differently creating an overall one of a kind building space that you don't find just anywhere.

Some of the Center's occupants besides Bubbles & Berries Boudoir are the Buffalo Arts Studio, Buffalo City Ballet and Landies Sweets & Treats. I am so lucky I had the chance to stop inside and see this building. It opened my eyes to some of Buffalo's history and also introduced me to some new businesses that I will be back to visit.


Hallways and Tenant Signs

Artwork fills the walls and halls on the 3rd floor

A little bit of color when you walk off the elevator on the 3rd floor

You'll find these hand sanitizer stations throughout the building