Freshly Squeezed


Ashker's Juice Bar - Bistro - Gallery


1002 Elmwood Avenue* - 400 Main Street (Youngstown, NY)

463 Center Street (Lewiston, NY)


The other day I drove past Ashkers Juice Bar on Elmwood. While I've driven past this place multiple times before I decided I would finally stop in and check out what they have to offer. When I walked inside to a semi-packed room, I was greeted by the friendly staff.

As I was waiting for them to make my drink, I took a look at there full menu which to my surprise, I found out they offer more than just juices and smoothies, but breakfast and lunch items as well. As I was observing the room, the atmosphere was relaxed and easygoing. The artwork on the walls is open for customers to purchase, a wide variety of books fill the end tables, and you can sense a vintage style throughout the room.

I was quite happy that I stopped in. The drink I had was delicious. It had beets, raspberries, strawberries, and pineapple in it. If you are on that healthy kick, or just looking for a new place to try out, I highly recommend you stop in and see them.


Pure Deliciousness!