My inspiration over a cup of coffee

Coffee I'm sure all of us have someone out there that has inspired us or encouraged us at some point in our lives to pursue a dream or goal of ours. As I was meeting with my mentor this afternoon for a cup of coffee, I started to think back to where I am in my career and where it all had started. My mentor after all is the one who helped me jump start my career, helped me get my foot in the door to many places and taught me so much on how to be creative and implement successful events. Though we don't get to see each other all the time, every time I do meet with her, she always seems to provide me with insight as to where I can take my career, offers me advice and guidance and lifts my spirits when I'm feeling down. Even if she doesn't plan on doing it, she does. She's an inspiration to me whether she knows it or not. After our meeting, it got me to thinking that all of us have the opportunity to inspire someone in our lives to follow their dreams. All of us should try it, I believe the reward will be fulfilling. -B