New Year, New Buffalo Bills


I came across this quote earlier today and thought it would be appropriate to post for this time of year. It's the second day of 2013 and I am always curious to hear people's New Years resolutions; seeing if these resolutions are anything out of the ordinary losing weight, saving money, etc. or if its something different. I'm also curious to see how long people stick with their resolutions. I'm a goal oriented person and one who believes that if you want to change something about yourself or do something different you don't need to wait for the new year to do it.

On that note, here in Buffalo, a day before the New Year hit, the Buffalo Bills did something a lot of people in town knew they were going to do... they fired their Head Coach, Chan Gailey, but then what was interesting was the next day, the owner, Ralph Wilson, started the New Year off by giving all power to Russ Brandon (President and CEO). I think its a great move and Mr. Brandon deserves this opportunity. He comes off as a man who will get the job done and won't make any excuses if something goes wrong. The Buffalo Bills Organization is moving forward and it will be interesting to see what the rest of 2013 holds for this football team.

Not every situation is an ideal one, but if you look at it with the attitude that you can make it better or make it work you'll go a lot farther in 2013 than you ever expected.