A day trip in the "585"


{Cobbs Hill Park - the view of Rochester was pretty cool}

While in Rochester the other day for Bills Training Camp, Kelsey and I decided to make a day of it and since she went to school there she showed me some of the hot spots in the "585." It was a fun day and it makes me like Rochester a lot more now! Below are pictures from the stops we made. A big thank you goes out to K.Sweet for being my tour guide!!


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}


{First Stop before training camp - Village Bakery & Café - OMG so good and the décor so cute!!}


{views of the beautiful Canal}


{yummy Mexican from La Casa and Margarita's!!}


{the original Wegman's store is the best store ever! Seriously!!}


{A visit to Nazareth College - this is inside the Library - The Rare Book Room - pretty cool! the campus as a whole is a beauty}


{Third last stop of the day was at this delicious Dairy - the cookies and coffee ice cream in a waffle cone - the bomb!}


{Second last stop was at LL Bean - I have never been in one before and I fell in love - I found 10 things off the bat that I wanted to buy. I either need to find a rich man or win the lottery}