Exploring the Winter Celebration event

stage 2

{On stage at Sheas}

Last week my Dad and I attended Explore Buffalo's Winter Celebration at Sheas. One week after Sheas celebrated their 90th anniversary, making it a great venue to host an event. There was much to celebrate. Auctions filled with lots of Buffalo art and history, voting on new Explore Buffalo tours for the 2016 year and behind the scenes tours of the theater were offered during the night making it a pretty nice night out.

Here are some of my pictures from the night.



{Lights, camera, action}


{Balcony seating}

sheas 1





A new organization that I have grown to love is hosting a Happy Hour tonight at Osteria. Grab a drink and some food and learn more about the Buffalo City Swim Racers.

sheas wine food beer festival

Shea's is  hosting a Wine, Food and Beer Festival tonight. Check it out and sample some delicious food and drinks from around the area.


A craft beer festival is taking place out in Batavia if you're in the area, Beertavia. Saturday May 16 from 3-6pm


For those who are "health nuts" {I mean that in a good way} have you checked out Nature's Apothecary on Connecticut St. yet?

showcase bro down

From May 18th - May 21 check out Showcase Bro Down - this looks like it will be fun!


A Monday Night at the noodle bar

ramen FullSizeRender (5)

Last Monday, my friend, Nicole and I met for are monthly girls night out, it was long over due, but we went to Kaydara noodle bar on Main St. downtown {its down the street from Sheas, right off the 33}. We literally had the whole place to ourselves. We chose a table by the window looking out onto Main St. Our waiter {I forgot his name} was awesome, he walked us through the menu and specials and even suggested hitting up another restaurant in the area for drinks after dinner. The food was so good and different - not a bad different, but something you don't really see in Buffalo - at least I'm not familiar with other noodle bars in town.

They are open for both lunch and dinner, the food is fresh and you can see them making it in their open kitchen. Note though, if you want to order alcoholic drinks you won't be able to, at least not until later this summer when they have their liquor license.


chop sticks

{Delicious cucumber water to accompany are dinner}

noodle bar

{One of the many sitting areas - the Bar}