If you aren’t a skier, snowboarder or just don’t like outdoor winter activities, this season could be bringing you down right about now. Let’s face it, the bitter cold, gloomy skies are just down right yuck, so thank goodness the Happy Place was created and chose to make a stop in Toronto, Ontario.

Happy Place is a massive social, pop-up experience filled with larger than life size installations, multi-sensory immersive rooms, giving you lots of opportunities to “Capture Your Happy”. It was founded in November of 2017 all because the founder Jared Paul believed our world today could use a lot more happiness.

Happy Place began in Los Angeles and continued to Chicago this past summer before heading to Toronto in November of 2018 and currently making it there home until January 27, 2019. My friend Kelsey and I hit up Toronto this past Sunday for a nice day trip. We began the day visiting the well known Trinity Bellwoods Flea Market before grabbing brunch at Ottos Bierhalle. After that we headed to Happy Place to “find our happy”. The whole experience was quite something, from gumball machines, to rubber ducks, confetti, cookies and ball pits there were plenty of photos, Insta-stories and lots of laughs.


Tickets are $35.31 (tax included), that is Canadian though so with the exchange rate they are a little less in American dollars (score!). It took us about an hour or so to go through the whole experience and it was never overcrowded which made taking photos and getting through each room nice and easy.

After that experience we ended the day with a quick stop at Lavish and Squalor a super cool store/coffee shop. It offers an array of merchandise from hats and scarves to home decor, kitchenware and more.

If you are looking for something to do during this time of year definitely consider Happy Place as a place to visit before the end of the month.