Summertime at Artpark//Free Family Saturday's

A place I enjoy visiting, but don’t go to often is Artpark. Not only does the venue provide beautiful views of the water, fun concerts to attend, but it also has some great creative, interactive events that focus on the cultural arts. Back a few weeks ago, my sister and I took my niece and nephew to the Fairy Festival, an event I haven’t attended before. It was a beautiful day in June and offered a lot of fun activities, from making fairy houses to magic potions and flower crowns, perfect for young kids. You could have tea in a fairy house, dress up as your favorite fairy and let your creativity flow. For only $10/ticket the amount of free activities that were included with the ticket were worth it for us.


Since then I’ve been better at staying up to date with events taking place at Artpark so I can plan accordingly with a packed summer schedule (which you are probably familiar with). While known for their popular summer concerts, they also are offering free family events on the following upcoming Saturday’s thanks in part to their sponsor Hyatts.





Each week offers a different theme with a variety of “make and take” workshops as described on their website. It also includes free parking and play spaces making it convenient for families on a budget. For more information on this head to Artpark’s website here.

Fishing in the Lower River

Brisk air and cooler temperatures made way for a new fishing experience for me yesterday up in Lewiston.  When Ryan from Brookdog Fishing Co. asked if I wanted to get back out on the water, I jumped at the chance and said of course! Not only was it fun this past summer when I went on an excursion with him, but I have never fished in cooler temperatures and honestly didn't know it was a thing to do until recent.

{out on the water}

There is something about just being on the water that makes you put things in perspective and clears your mind. Right off the bat we caught some steelhead and lake trout. What was the most exciting part of the trip, outside of sharing stories with Ryan and ease dropping on other boats conversations, was the fight of reeling in the fish when we caught them. The second favorite was holding the fish, I don't know why, but even when the fish fell out of my hands and I screamed like a little girl, it was fun.

Overall, its just a great experience and something different to do in the fall and winter time. Again, Ryan goes above and beyond providing all the amenities for the trip, including coffee and a mini space heater to warm your hands from time to time. I can't say enough positive things about this company, it is truly one of a kind and I'm already looking forward to the next trip. Thanks Ryan!


{rise and shine, its fishing time}

{holding the biggest fish I've ever caught}

{it was quite the experience}

{and I enjoyed every second of it!}