A trip to the Darwin Martin House

A few months ago I attended a private tour of the Darwin Martin House {thanks to Lindsay from Nickel City  Pretty for setting it up for the Buffalo Blogging Network.} Being from WNY I have been past this incredible complex multiple times, but had never been on a tour, something that had been on my "bucket list" for a while.

{the attention to detail is amazing}

Mary Roberts the Executive Director took us along for the hour tour and told us about the history, improvements made and some fun facts about Frank Lloyd Wright and the building. I could share a lot of the facts and information with you on here, but that's boring and I think you would get more joy out of actually attending a tour there in person. The complex is operated year round making it convenient for you to check it out!


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}





{a new food truck to add to the Buffalo mix - The Flaming Fish}


{a place to check out for home décor - The Painted House}


{this Friday join Evolution Yoga at the Darwin Martin house for some yoga, tea and refreshments afterwards. For more info click here}


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