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This will probably become my second favorite shop on Elmwood after Anna Grace. Fern + Arrow opened last week and I'm obsessed with every photo that is posted. I can't wait to stop in to purchase items for my new home.

big fuss

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Tomorrow night feed your face and help fund a farm. Big Fuss 5.0 is taking place at Artisan Kitchen & Baths from 5:30-8pm. For more info click here.

group shot

{Just A Blonde in Buffalo photo}

A new update to the Buffalo Pedal Tours - As the company continues to grow, they celebrated their first anniversary and announced some exciting news - peddlers can now BYOB - there are some restrictions though -  a 12 ounce can per rider or a few 6 oz plastic bottles of wine per rider works out fine. No glass. No hard liquor. After all the purpose of the pedal tour it to visit and experience local Buffalo bars. They also announced they will be installing motors on a few crawlers to assist going up the Michigan Street lift bridge.


{Photo- Deep South Taco Facebook page}

For those taco Tuesday lovers out there Deep South Taco is a new place downtown to check out. For more info on hours and menu click here.

Pedaling thru Buffalo

Yesterday some of my family and I did a "mini" Buffalo tour and today I wanted to highlight part of it. The Buffalo Pedal Tour - you may see people cruising thru the streets of downtown Buffalo singing and screaming and ringing the bells. We started off at Big Ditch Brewing {note to self a lot of breweries and distilleries are closed on Sundays}, but that didn't stop us from having a great time. We pedaled are way to Pearl Street, Liberty Hound, 716 and Pan American Grill {another note I wouldn't go back to 716 because the bar service was slow and unfriendly and I have been there multiple times}. We stayed at each place for about 25-30 minutes {you can stay as long or as little as you want at each place you visit within the two hour tour period} and some places like Pearl Street offer a special pedal tour perk of buy one get one half off prices for certain beers. group shot

{Group shot}

We pedaled the streets eating brownies and snacks that we could bring with us and sang the Bills Shout song at the top of our lungs. We waved and got honked at by cars passing by and had a lot of laughs with our tour guide Caitlyn. Overall, it was a lot of fun and I would recommend it to out of town guests as well as locals. Its a great way to see your city and visit places you may not have been to yet.


buf pedal tour

{The start of the tour}


{Cruising thru the streets}


end of tour

{End of tour shot}


Festival/Tour Guide 2015

festival guide 2015 With summer officially here I thought I would put together a list of some upcoming festivals and tours happening around town that you shouldn't pass up if you have the time. Let's hope that it starts to feel more like summer as we approach July.