Featured Exhibition: Robert Indiana: A Sculpture Retrospective


I was looking for something to do earlier today so I stopped by the Albright Knox art gallery and visited the Robert Indiana exhibition that is currently on display. Today is the last day for the exhibition, but his Numbers ONE through ZERO are on display at Wilkeson Pointe until September 2019.

It was a nice way to spend part of my day. Check out my photos below showcasing some of his work that was on display.


TWO - Robert Indiana’s Favorite Number


Yoga at the Gardens



One of the biggest things I need to learn is how to relax, so I've made it a mission to try and take yoga to help me find a way to just "chill out" from time to time. Last week I went to Yoga at the Gardens - at the Botanical Gardens. The class is led by Leanne from Crescent Moon Yoga . It was pretty full and a pretty unique atmosphere, that I personally think helped me find my "zen."

I have only taken one other yoga class before and it was hot yoga a couple years back, so I didn't know what to expect, but to my surprise I wasn't as lost as I thought I would be. I did however feel like I didn't get that intense workout in that I'm used to getting when I take other exercise classes. I think that is the toughest part for me to learn from this - that even though I may feel like I'm not doing anything I really am.

The class was $15 (or if you want to take the full 10 weeks its $100) OR if you have BCBS health insurance the class is free. Its from 5:30-6:45pm on Wednesday evenings. To learn more check out the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens site.



{I sat next to this lemon and lime tree inside the gardens}



{New artwork displayed on the Gardens}

M&T Bank First Friday's at Albright Knox

IMG_1266 The first Friday of every month M&T Bank and the Albright Knox offer First Fridays. Free admission on the first floor to the public. From 10am-10pm you can walk around and experience some of the amazing art the gallery has on display. If you want to walk around upper levels there is an additional fee.

At the beginning of the month I took the day off and spent it with my niece. For an almost four year old this was a great event to take her too. While she thought the Lucas Samaras, Reflections, aka the "Mirror Room" was the best, her attention span started to run out after about 30 minutes. With it being a beautiful day we walked on the outside grounds and took some nice photos.

Prior to this visit, it has been about 5 years since I was last inside the Art Gallery for a leisurely experience, so it was nice to walk around and experience it with a kid who has a vivid imagination.

I highly encourage anyone to take part in such a great event that takes place the First Friday of every month. The next one coming up is on Friday, November 7, 2014.



{Snapping photos inside the Mirror Room}


{If you look at this for more than a couple seconds you get dizzy, or at least I did}


{One of my favorites on display}


{Anyone want to play some tic tac toe}