Independent Health Foundation - Healthy Options Cooking Classes

photo snippet courtesy of Independent Health Foundation’s  website

photo snippet courtesy of Independent Health Foundation’s website

Two weeks ago myself and friend (and blogger too, Jess Kelly) took a sushi making class at Sun Cuisines in Williamsville. The class was a couple hours long and taught you the art of sushi making, the ingredients being used, how to cook and prep the food and ultimately led to the final product. It was not only a teaching class, but hands on. Chef Kevin Lin and his staff walked around the room and helped correct our techniques, showed us tricks of the trade and we all got to sample the work we made (and he made too!). We all left with a background sheet on the Chef (in this case Kevin Lin), a shopping list if you wanted to make the product at home, nutrition facts on all the different rolls we made and a list of upcoming classes.

This was the first time I took a hands on cooking class like this (not including my days in home economics class in high school). It was a lot of fun, it’s something different to go out and do (with family, friends, colleagues or your significant other) and came with more information that I was expecting. I’d definitely sign up for another class and will be attempting to make sushi at home now that I know what I’m doing. For more information on Independent Health Foundation’s Healthy Options click here.

Note to self - speaking from experience -classes do fill up quickly so if you see something that interests you I’d sign up sooner than later.