Harlie & Me ...& Her Family Tree

It’s been a hot minute since I posted about Harlie. As I’m writing this post she’s currently curled up in a ball next to me sleeping (oh Harlie girl <3). Harlie turned three years old a few weeks ago and we celebrated with some of her best pals coming over (my niece and nephew). Harlie continues to do what she loves - chasing rabbits, eating snow and digging for socks out of the hamper and having me chase her around the house with them in her mouth.

For Christmas, my brother, Matt, got me an Ancestry DNA kit which I was super stoked for, but also got me a Wisdom Panel DNA kit for Harlie (which made me more excited). I didn’t even know they had DNA kits for your pets. The whole process overall, from collecting the DNA to sending it in was pretty simple. I received Harlie’s results a little over a week ago. Check it out…


So to recap about Harlie, I adopted her from Diamonds in the Ruff (located in Niagara County) when she was about 10 weeks old. All I knew about her was her approximate age, that she came from Kentucky and that she was a boxer/spaniel mix.

When I read through the results I was surprised by some areas and not surprised in others. For instance, Harlie is part boxer (already new that), but she also has part Saint Bernard in her (how cool!). The results also showed me she is not only energetic and smart, but loyal. See below for more details.


The DNA kit not only broke down the different dog breeds and explanations, but also broke down her family tree all the way to her great grandparents. Overall I’m happy with the results and knowing more about Harlie’s background.

harlie fam.PNG
fam tree.PNG

Until next time,

-B & Harlie