A Little Taste of Buffalo Out West

The last couple of weekends I took some time to travel to Milwaukee and Houston. One trip was to reconnect with some of my closest friends for more than just a couple hours and the other was to attend (what we hoped would be a successful) Bills game.

Both trips had a little taste of Buffalo. Milwaukee was really cool, mostly because Shanna and Michelle (both Buffalo natives) were there, but it also reminded me a lot like Buffalo, just bigger - lots of breweries, great concert venues and good food.


Houston was cool because not only did I have the opportunity to check out the Zoo and Discovery Green ( a cool urban green space in the middle of the city), but also got to spend time with a handful of my friends who I don’t get to see as often as I’d like. Houston’s tailgating was good compared to other out of town sporting events I’ve been to, but was still “tame” compared to the Buffalo Bills tailgating back home. The food was really good and the people here for the most part are pretty friendly.

While this trip to Houston especially has given me some “me” time, what I’ve enjoyed the most over these last two weeks is just being around friends that matter the most to me. They remind me to have fun, make me laugh and are there to offer advice and guidance when needed.

While this blog post doesn’t necessarily feature something in Buffalo, it reminds me that no matter where I go there is always a piece of Buffalo with me and that won’t ever change.