Cuba, NY

cuba 6

{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photo}

Country living... I am finding myself enjoying my time more and more with nature {that sounds weird}, but its true. Over Labor Day weekend I went out to my family's cabin in Cuba, NY - a cute little town with awesome cheese at Cuba Cheese Shoppe and home of the Garlic Festival {that's taking place next weekend 9/19 and 9/20}. Are cabin is right past town, you can't really get reception so the use of cell phones is very, very limited, making you actually enjoy peace and quiet. Maybe its because I don't get to go out there as much as I'd like, but every time I'm out in the country I wish I had more time to spend out there. Its the simple things, like fresh air, roosters waking you up in the morning and some good company that make me enjoy it the most. Below are some of my pictures from the weekend.

cuba 5

{Corn fields}

cuba 4

{In town - Cuba NY}

cuba 2

{Coffee Shop}

cuba 1

cuba 3

{Classic photo - drinks and good conversation around the fire}

A Quick Trip to NYC


{Lacey never disappoints}

New York City is one of my favorite cities to visit and probably one of the only places I would consider moving to if the right opportunity came along, so a couple weeks ago when I left the good ol' City of Good Neighbors to visit one of my best friends for a few days I was looking forward to becoming a pro on the subway and the hustle and bustle of the NYC streets.

Since starting this blog I have become a big small business, local supporter so when I travel to different places I find myself gravitating to see where the locals go - where they eat and drink, where they shop, what fun activities they do. I spent my time wandering around Queens and Brooklyn on Friday people watching and wondering what their story was before getting ready for our adventure through Central Park on Saturday.

It still amazes me how you are in the middle of this extremely lively city and you walk into Central Park and there is a sense of calm that takes over. Paddle boats were on the agenda for that day along with checking out High Line Park and Chelsea Market both places I haven't been before.


{Central Park & Brooklyn Bridge adventures with a Cucumber Mojito and a Manhattan}

While this post has absolutely nothing to do with Buffalo, it does pertain to why I started this blog. In my opinion you can't appreciate what you have in your life until you take a step back. Traveling for me is a time when I can not only forget about all the stressful things going on in my life, but it also gives me a chance to meet new people, see new places and appreciate where I come from. Even though it was a short trip I came back to home with a clear head and a grateful heart..

Until the next time..



{One of the best friendships I could ever ask for is with this gal here}


{A beautiful sunset from Far Rockaway}


{A classic beer and hot dog next to the Brooklyn Bridge - NYC has nothing on Sahlen's hot dogs though}

IMG_5890{Highline Park}


A Trip to Chi-Town

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery and need to get out of town for a couple days. This past weekend I hit up Chicago to visit my best friend. And while "Chi-Town" isn't Buffalo, it was a fun trip and it was nice to hit up the local spots and stop by some of the tourist spots too. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend. -B

chicago tribune {One of my top 3 favorite buildings in Chicago - The Chicago Tribune Building}

route 66

{The beginning of Route 66}


wirgley building

malort shot

{A local shot - "Jepsen Malort" - if you're ever in town order it and let me know what you think...}


{The Bean}

southwest buffalo

{Buffalo from above}

Let's Take Off

Buffalo-Niagara-International-Airport[1]One of my favorite things to do is travel. There is so much more in this world than the walls we grow up around. While I love Buffalo, I love seeing new sights, history and culture. So its know wonder one of my favorite places in town is the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. As much as I love getting away, I love coming home and hearing the Goo Goo Dolls playing on the speakers as you walk through the airport. It may not be the biggest airport or one of the best, but I think its fits in just right the way it is. -B




A Natural Wonder of the World

264021_10150231474237372_5773335_n[1]Niagara falls winter Niagara Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world, its only about a 30 minute drive for me and I take it for granted. I think growing up so close to it, I just think of it as another place to go to walk around, but forget how important it is to many people around the world. It is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year.


niagara falls jan 14


A LOT of BuffaLOVE in NYC

gals This past weekend I set sail and headed up the 90 to Albany to visit my friend Shanna. On Saturday we took the train from Poughkeepsie and headed to the big Apple to visit our friend Lacey. Let's just say the 3 of us combined = A LOT of BUFFALOVE!! Are trip consisted of not shopping, but instead, enjoying each others company, our friendship and having some beers and seeing the Holiday sights and sounds.

We landed in Grand Central Station and our first stop was the Buffalo Bills Bar, McFaddens. After that we went on the subway and headed to Brooklyn to have some beers at Brooklyn Brewery {what an awesome place!}. We played Uno, had some laughs and then headed to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas Tree! Something I've never done before. It was crazy how many {more!} people were there, but it was so pretty! Afterwards we walked around Times Square, stopped at Mercury Bar to have dinner and then headed back to Grand Central to end our day.

It was a nice day trip in the city, with some of the bestest friends I have. I can't wait until the next time!



grand central



{Lacey and I at Brooklyn Brewery}


{Shanna and I hanging out at the brewery!}



pep and model

{Model and Pep}



{Just a blonde in Buffalo in front of the Rockefeller Christmas tree}

"The Happiest Place on Earth"


{ My Alex and Ani collection of bracelets and Disney Magic Band in front of Epcot }

Walt Disney created Disney World on a dream and imagination and what an imagination he had! It has been a few years since I was on vacation for longer than a "long weekend." About a week ago me and a few friends decided back in April that we wanted to go to the happiest place on earth, Disney World. While this post really doesn't have a lot to do with Buffalo, it does have a lot to do with how my blog was started. I love to travel, love it! But I always loved coming home because even though I've seen amazing sights and had great experiences there is no place like Buffalo, my hometown.

It has been over 10 years since I was at Disney World and while some things have stayed the same, it was different. Going to Disney as an adult you have a different perception than children. It amazes me to see people from all over the world come together and feel like a kid, even if it was just for a few minutes. Walking through the parks I often thought where were people from and was there a special occasion as to why they were there, what was their story!

My vacation was a magical one. It brought out the "kid" in me, made me appreciate the life I have even more and the opportunities that I've been given. Seeing other Western New York Natives and Buffalo Bills fans at the parks made it feel like a little piece of home was in Florida too.

For those who only think Buffalo is known for the cold weather and for those who think there hometown doesn't offer anything, think again. Take time to travel to other places, see different cultures and see where Buffalo falls into your life. While Disney World is one of the happiest places on earth and while part of me wanted to stay there, coming home to Buffalo is the happiest of all places for me.


Below are just a handful of pictures I took while on vacation.







We Will Never Forget

539694_10151010551477372_332968119_n[1] I, like most other Americans will never forget where I was or what I was doing on this horrific day 13 years ago. New York City is one of my favorite cities to visit and each time I'm there I pay a visit to the World Trade Center site. As Americans we lead by precedence showing the world we will move forward, stay strong and remember and honor all those who were affected by this tragedy. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave and no one will ever change that.



{ Hero: a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.}

May {To-Do's}

may to do

{ Maxi dress from Ooo La La Boutique. Matt & Nat bag, you can find at Anna Grace on Elmwood. Stay up to date on the events I have coming up on my events page }

Happy Cinco De Mayo!! Today is a great day to celebrate some delicious margarita's at Cantina Loco! The month of May for me is a month to continue to get things done. By that I mean spring cleaning, organizing, traveling at the end of the month, training for the half marathon next month, trying new things & visiting new places {Newbury Street & The Boat House specifically} and kick starting a variety of events that are coming up throughout the summer that I have a part in.

What are some things you are looking forward to this month?


Out of Towners

Just A Blond In Buffalo Collage With all the hype created a few weeks ago about bringing "Jimmy Fallon to Buffalo" and with the visitors this past weekend for the NCAA Tournament, I got to thinking, if I was able to give him or any out of town guest a guided tour of Buffalo where would I take them? And what would I want them to see and remember this area by? Below, is what I thought of without much thought. I'd love to hear, where would you take anyone visiting this area.

First, I would take them to good ol' Niagara Falls, because how many people can say they have a Natural Wonder in their "backyard."  We'd stop at the Aquarium and feed some seals and then head to the Buffalo Zoo to see Luna and Kali who have brought a lot of attraction back to the zoo. After there we would make a pit stop at Spot coffee for a mid- morning coffee/tea break and I'd show them the shops and bars/restaurants on Hertel. From there we'd head over to the Elmwood Village and stroll through some of the local shops, art exhibits and eateries. We'd stop at a local food truck that is parked and grab a bit to eat.

From Elmwood I'd take them down to Canalside where we would check out the naval ships and then head over for a kayaking and silo city tour. Once that was done we'd head over to the Cobblestone district and stop in at Helium Comedy Club for a drink and some laughs. Other stops we would make would be to the historic Lafayette Building, Coca-Cola Field, Bird Island, Central Terminal and City Hall. We would end the tour with a stop in the South Buffalo to the Nine Eleven Tavern for a classic Buffalo staple - chicken wings and beer.

One thing I thought of as I was writing this post was the fact that even though this may seem like a lot to do in one day, it doesn't even cover half of the stuff to see and do in and around town. From wine and bike trails, museums, breweries, parks, places to eat and shop to architectural buildings; this would just be a little piece in what is like a "big cake."

It also doesn't include festivals, events, celebrations, sporting events and parades that are celebrated in town each and every year. With the "warmer" weather approaching us {soon hopefully} there are only going to be more things to do, more places to go and more reason to love your hometown.




{ Buffalo links }


Buffalo Links to take a look at this week:

1. An event for the ladies - hosted by Kaleida Health, enjoy a Night of Indulgence

2. All of us have had or probably know someone who has been to Hospice, Friday they celebrate their Harvest Festival - if you enjoy wine you'll enjoy this event

3. Halloween is approaching quickly and with that come Halloween parties like the Knights of St. John's on Saturday - Halloween Dance

4. Being in Ellicottville this past weekend made me really get into the "Fall" season. They have great places to shop and eat. One of my favorite stores was Kazoo II

5. I was so happy when I saw this article online and found out Gabby from After 5 Events had a hand in the couples special day! Congrats pretty lady!

6. Swirls in East Aurora is amazing!!! Congrats to Mike on creating a great café for anyone to enjoy!

7. Just another pair of shoes I'm obsessed with by Bella Belle Shoes, who by the way make their shoes locally here in Buffalo. You can purchase these online or get them at Ooo La La Boutique

8. The Buffalo News had a good article on the Fort Erie Race Track Tuesday. Since being around for 116 years the track had its last race of the season Tuesday and hope it will be around for years to come.


Buffalo meets the "Windy" City

This past weekend I took a mini trip with one of my best friends, Lauren, to Chicago. While I have only ever been to the airport for connecting flights I was very excited to see the sites and go exploring. I enjoyed my time very much, but I must say, there is no place like home, especially when I can call it Buffalo. Here are just some of the many pictures from the trip.


At the Willis (formerly the Sears) Tower


Anchor Bar at the Buffalo Niagara Airport should be open for the early morning crowd

A little shopping never hurt anyone


Looking for the whales at Shedd Aquarium


Chicago by night

Chicago style pizza - Deep Dish


Inside Portillo's

Chicago Style Hotdog...Yum!

The Bean!

Navy Pier

Representing Buffalo in Bills gear on my morning run through the City

The Chicago Tribune building

A little subway adventures


Our reflection from the Bean

Delilah's reminded me a the bars on Allen St. in Buffalo

Known to be a Buffalo Bills bar.. no memorabilia is inside but still a neat place

Representing Just a Blonde in Buffalo

Our last day in the City. We had an amazing view!

Finally tried to do some work at the airport and I was having computer issues