My Easter Traditions

Dyngus Day 2017 

Dyngus Day 2017 

Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. I don't have any particular reason why, maybe its just because its during a time where we are entering a new season and the fresh air just feels good, who knows. Anyways, last year right around this time I was gearing up to head to Poland with my best friend. While this year I don't have that trip planned I thought I would share with you some of my favorite things to do over these next few days. 

Polska flags are up on Paderewski Drive 

Polska flags are up on Paderewski Drive 

I've already been to the Broadway Market once this week, just to scope things out, grab my pussy willows for my floral arrangement and grab some Easter Polish eggs {something I seek out every year}. Tomorrow is Holy Thursday, when I was in grammar school I remember going to mass in the evening and at the end of it, MSGR. and the altar servers would clear the altar of everything. While I haven't been in a very, very long time, I'm thinking of checking out the One Night and Seven Churches Pilgrimage hosted by Broadway Fillmore Alive tomorrow. 


Good  Friday is interesting, for the simple fact that my Dad, sister and kids and sometimes my brother head to the Broadway Market in the afternoon to get all the Polish food for Easter breakfast - polish sausage, pierogi, butter lamb, platzek, horseradish and some chocolate. We go at one of the busiest times, but that's what makes it fun!

Heading into Saturday for the last 5 years or so I have been taking the Easter basket to St. Stan's with my good friend Annette to get blessed. Its amazing how many people come to get their baskets blessed there, its actually encouraging to see. From there sometimes my niece will come over and help color eggs and we'll go to evening mass. There are some occasions where we will go to Easter Sunday mass, but the last few years its been Saturday evenings. 

Sunday morning the family will come over and we'll {actually I'll eat way to much pierogi} and the kids will search for Easter eggs in an Easter egg hunt that I make up each year. We'll go visit my Grandma and just relax. And then Monday we celebrate - DYNGUS DAY! If I go out {it really is weather dependent} I always go to the Broadway/Fillmore area - its historic Polonia and if you're going to celebrate it needs to be in the right neighborhood in my opinion. 

While there are other Polish traditions that other family's may celebrate that's just an insight into how my family and I celebrate this holiday. 

Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy!


33 Years!


This coming Saturday is my 33rd birthday. I don't know why, but it just feels weird to say I'm going to be 33, maybe its because I feel old in some silly sort of way. Anyways, each year since I've had my blog I've written a post about what I've learned from the past year and focus on an area in my life that I'd like to improve on. This year is no different.  As I look back, especially over these last 8-9 months I've made it a priority to accept me for me, the good and the bad.. you see I am my own worst critic and I've dealt with some of the worst heartache, loss, challenges, and failures that I have had in my life - both personally and professionally.  

Life does not get easier as you get older {that is the truth}, but if you're lucky you get wiser and learn to adapt to those difficult situations when you're faced them. I've taken some risks to see that change happens, I've opened up more to people and I've failed at projects I thought would be successful. But out of what seems to be some negative situations are really great life lessons that I would not have learned without going through these bumps in the road.

So you may be asking yourself right now, who cares Beth, we all go through shit, yes that's certainly right, we all do go through shit, but what I want people to get out of this, even if its the one person who reads this post, is that you need to embrace every second of your life. What I've taken with me from all this crap I've been dealt these last few months is that you are only here for a temporary amount of time and life is so very short, the best thing you can do is find something each day that makes you happy. People today get wrapped up in the non-important things - working all the time to meet deadlines, caring to much about how many likes there photo got, making sure everyone knows what they're doing or where they're going, {the list goes on and on} that they forget to live in the moment and take it all in. 

As I embrace my 33rd birthday in a few short days I want to just live a simple life, travel as much as possible, continue to learn new things and give back as much as I possibly can {sounds cliche, but its the truth, these are the things that make me happy}. I am so thankful for the family and friends in my life and I cherish those relationships I have because they are the greatest gift I could ever receive. My family and friends are who keep me sane, support me and all my crazy ideas and who always have my back. So I say thank you to "year 32" for challenging me, letting me fail and teaching me; it's because of those lessons that I'm going into "year 33" as a stronger and wiser version of myself.

A special shout out goes to the following people in the WNY community for helping me embrace those tough times, you may not think or even know how much you've helped me, but you have in some way, shape or form and for that I am very grateful. Kate at Love in Motion Yoga,  Lindsay at Nickel City Pretty, Ryan at Seek Axiom, Ryan at Brookdog Fishing Co. and the ladies at Rev - Rachel and Colleen- those training sessions we have each week are sessions I truly treasure. Thank you for making me stronger both physically and mentally. If any of you know any of these fine people, you know what a positive impact they have in the WNY community.  XO


Buffalo Distilling Company


This week I'm kicking off a story on a couple pretty cool guys I met a few weeks ago. I had the chance to meet and chat with Andy and {Frank, in passing} two of the 3 owners of Buffalo Distilling Co. Andy gave me a run down on how it all began and a tour the facility that sits at 860 Seneca Street in the Larkinville area. 


Buffalo Distilling is a NYS Farm Distillery and while they began production in their first facility  in Bennington, NY they chose to move into the city {Buffalo} where the action is and really where all 3 of them live. What people in Western New York may not know is that the guys at Buffalo Distilling make booze the old fashion way. They create their product to emulate this area, they use grain that is from this area along with product from Smith Orchard in Pendleton to name a few. 


Their hot button item is their One Foot Cock Bourbon, but they also offer Brandy, Apple Pie Moonshine {which came out right before the Holiday season}, Vodka {which is the only vodka to this day that I can take a straight shot of and not make one of those ugly faces after}. And lastly they are having a Krupnik release party this coming Saturday, March 3rd beginning at 5pm. 

The Krupnik release and Polka party will feature not only tastings of their One Foot Cock Krupnik, but also feature a polish food menu and polka dance party, with Polka Band, Special Delivery performing. Best part {outside of the krupnik} there is no cover! 


All the guys have a hand in each part of the business and they all take pride in what they do and have a passion for it. Its all about building personal relationships with people and being able to see what you make and how the consumer falls in love with it. 


Paczki Day!!


Today is Paczki Day,  a Polish tradition that on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, the people of Poland would use up food so that it would not be spoiled or wasted. The reason for this was because  Lent was 40 days of fasting; meaning one meal a day and full fasting on Friday. Any rich foods were not allowed. Families would use up their eggs, butter and sugar and fruit by treating themselves one last time before Lent began with these rich donuts.


While I am sad to miss it this year because I'm out of town {maybe I'll search for something similar, here in Costa Rica..hmm..}, I'm excited for those who are celebrating {I'm talking to you Ben & Chad, don't let me down!} and heading to the Broadway Market  {my favorite place to get them} or their favorite local bakery to enjoy these "oh so bad" for you, but "oh so good" treats. If you are going to the Market, it is open from 7am-5pm today. 



More fun wintertime activities

Guys, today on my feature for fun wintertime activities I'm talking about some places I have mentioned before, but all offer great activities to get you through this winter slump. 

throwing it back to 2017 when me and my friends from work took a trip to the zoo 

throwing it back to 2017 when me and my friends from work took a trip to the zoo 

The first is the Buffalo Zoo. Continuing with embracing the winter in Western New York, head to the zoo during February for Polar Bear Days where admission is only $5 and parking is free. Enjoy the beautiful animals as they embrace the winter season. I love the Zoo year round, but if you hate going in the summer when its crowded this is the perfect time to go.

You can stop by exhibits {indoor and out} and see the animals up close without dealing with all the people. Make sure to check out the Maned Wolf, I heard there's a pretty cool blogger who sponsors that exhibit {lol}.


Next up on my list is fishing, not ice fishing, but the real, fun fishing with Ryan from Brookdog Fishing Co. Check out his website to get more info, but trust me, its a once in a lifetime experience. You can also check out my past posts too {Nov. 2017, Fishing in the Lower River & July 2017, My newest adventure with Brookdoh Fishing Co.} 

this photo was from my trip with Ryan back in November, you have such a good time that the cold weather becomes secondary. 

this photo was from my trip with Ryan back in November, you have such a good time that the cold weather becomes secondary. 

Lastly is the fun village of Ellicottville. Of course Holiday Valley offers tubing, skiing, snowboarding and much more, but the heart of village has a variety of different shops, coffee houses and pubs that make it a special place to visit and embrace the winter in the heart of "ski country."

learn to snowboard at Holiday Valley 

learn to snowboard at Holiday Valley 

I could sit here and list a dozen more things to do from spending a day at the Aquarium in Niagara Falls, NY to learning about science at the Science Museum, or visiting your local library and finding some good books to read on those days school is cancelled or during Presidents Day week. Or go on a distillery or brewery tour, there are so many in town now, that you could make a day of it with your friends. Whatever you decide to do with the rest of this winter season, just embrace each day and all it offers because each day is about creating new memories with those you love. 



A Hot Spot at 500 Seneca - Winkler & Samuels





For those that know me, they know I love wine, like LOVE wine and for those that don't know me, you just learned something new about me. I think at some point in my life I may try to make my own wine, but for now I'll just continue to educate myself on all the different kinds that are out there. Which makes a great segue into my blog post for today, Winkler & Samuels a great, fairly new business in town. 

Located inside 500 Seneca {next to Tommyrotter Distillery} Melissa Winkler a certified sommelier  has a long family history with the neighborhood where Winkler & Samuels sits. Her family previously owned and operated F.X. Winkler and Sons, Buffalo’s oldest grocery store, which stood down the street from her business for 111 years.

The best way I can describe Winkler & Samuels is that it is a top notch wine store with a lot of offerings you don't get at other local stores in town. Not only does Melissa pick each wine out, but she sorts it by region - old vs. new. Its organized making it easy to find your favorite bottle or look for a new kind, it's clean, personal and offers wine you may not see at the typical wine store in your neighborhood.


I personally love that it is so close to my work so I can stop there on my way home and I love that Melissa is there to offer suggestions or guidance based on what you like or what you're looking for. She's legit, she knows what she's talking about and won't steer you wrong. 


What's even better? Their wine cellar, located downstairs from their retail store, it costs $25 a month and gives customers their own storage for up to two cases of wine in a climate controlled room. There is more to the membership to! As a member you receive 20% off wine services, free home delivery, 20 % off wine education classes and more. 

Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar


So what's one of the best parts of owning your own wine store? One of the best parts of the business is finding new wines and sharing the experience with customers. Carrying wines that are not carried everywhere else offers a unique opportunity for customers to come in and try varieties they may have never known about. 

On tour of the private event area... Mackenzie smiling ...A man enjoying his wine sample

On tour of the private event area... Mackenzie smiling ...A man enjoying his wine sample

So why Buffalo? Because its a great place to live, its allowed Melissa to open her own wine store and the quality of life is great.

Private event area 

Private event area 

Another part of their private event area - under construction

Another part of their private event area - under construction


What's in store for the future? Continuing to grow the wine cellar program, continuing education classes {they offer a lot, check out the event calendar here}. And if you're looking for a place to host an event, they have a great private event space, so follow along as Melissa continues to grow Winkler & Samuels 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


{A special thank you goes out to my friend  Mackenzie for organizing this interview for me and coming along on the venture xo}

My purchases :) not all of these were for me, some were for a donation. 

My purchases :) not all of these were for me, some were for a donation. 

Embrace the Winter with Fun Classes from Skate Great, Inc.

Learn to skate at Canalside with Skate Great! 

Learn to skate at Canalside with Skate Great! 

Continuing with the fun wintertime activities, last week I sat down with Jessica from Skate Great, Inc.  .  I have ice skated a couple times in my life, but I am not good and pretty much have to hang on to the side of the rink so I don't fall. In an effort to share more of my "adventures" with you, I got out on the ice last week at Canalside for a hot minute {if you follow me on Instagram you can check out my insta-story video for the next 24 hours to see how bad I am}. 

Over the next few weeks learning to skate with Skate Great is on my to-do list. Let's face it, if we have to deal with the winter, I want to embrace the fun activities that go along with it. 


In the meantime learn more about Jess and Skate Great, Inc. below ---->

Celebrating 20 years in Western New York, Skate Great is the largest learn to skate program in the area. Offering a number of programs from learning to skate, hockey skills to baby blades and intro to dance, there is something for everyone. 

Jess from Skate Great, Inc. 

Jess from Skate Great, Inc. 

Jessica took over ownership of Skate Great six years ago, after the former owner, Janice passed away. Jess started in competitive figure skating and continued to coach in College. Since she has taken over the business, it has grown. Offering programs year round at Holiday Twin Rinks and Leisure Rinks, Skate Great also offers seasonal programs at Canalside, East Aurora and Hamburg. 


When I asked Jess what her favorite thing about owning a business is, she said she loves teaching beginners and loves seeing people who want to learn and want to skate, the emotions and hard work is special. It's not only personal for Jess, but for every coach that is on the Skate Great team. They are loyal and emotionally attached to the work they do.


When I asked Jess what her favorite thing about Buffalo is, she said the people. Everybody knows someone, but you still get to meet new people. Buffalo's tough and you only find that in WNY. 


So if yo're looking for something fun to do, Skate Great offers a number of different programs for all ages, check out their website {HERE} to learn more about their programs and pricing. If you have a question, Jess will always respond, so embrace the wintertime and enjoy some fun activities! 




Embrace the Chill




When I hosted my blog party last month I had a jar on the counter for guests to write down blog post ideas they'd like me to cover. Moving into the next phase of Just a Blonde in Buffalo, I want to focus more on sharing my experiences with you. I think it reflects where and what is going on in my life to a certain degree. 


I received a number of notes that said they'd like me to feature things to do in WNY during the winter time. Let's face it winter can be very depressing, with the cold, snow and lack of sunlight it can put a damper on things. If you're one that loves winter because you ski, snowboard or whatever it may be, that's great, but I think you are a rare breed and myself and probably others are jealous of you for that. 

Chris teaching me

Chris teaching me

In an effort to show those who may not necessarily like winter that it can be fun, I've attempted {I say attempt because I am no pro at the activities I'm about to post} a handful of fun wintertime things you, your family and friends can partake in. {Note that what I post this week, not all of these activities are outdoors}. 

Any who, today I'm featuring CURLING! I've never curled before, I don't know how it started or why, but I will tell you I had so many laughs and I still have some bruises {totally worth it}. This activity was a lot of fun and pretty much anyone can do it. 

Chris showing us the ropes 

Chris showing us the ropes 

Thanks to my friends over at Canalside - Todd, Mike and Erin participated in my "adventure" with me. Are curling instructor for the day was Chris and he started off demonstrating the proper ways to push off the block and slide the stones on the ice. He then showed us the right way to sweep the ice with the curling broom. 


From there we were ready to compete {everything turns out to be a competition with me}. It was the guys vs. the gals. The first few times I "took off" from the foot block was hysterically embarrassing. My stone didn't even make it to center ice, it wasn't until the 3rd or 4th try that I got the hang of it, needless to say I think everyone got a few good laughs in.

Look at that face... first time curling 

Look at that face... first time curling 


Thanks to Erin sweeping the ice and then accidentally falling over one, she was able to knock out the guys stone and we were on the target - that was how we got our 1 and only point and how we took the lead. We went back and forth for a few more rounds and how it ended - the guys won.  

Girls on the target 

Girls on the target 


SO here are the details if you  want to Curl at Canalside. 

  1. Visit Canalside Buffalo's website to reserve your spot - Click here and it will take you directly to the Curling page
  2. Sign the waiver before you arrive - this saves you time and give you more time on the ice 
  3. Minimum amount of people is 4, max is 10 people per lane
  4. Curling is 1 hour long 
  5. Pricing during the week is $10 per person. Weekends {beginning 5 p.m. Friday} and Holidays is $15 per person 
  6. Make sure to visit Canalside's website and social media to find out their hours of operation 

I honestly had so much fun, laughed a lot and didn't even think about the cold and dreary weather. Once you're done curling you can visit the warm Winter Lodge for beverages { alcohol and non-alcoholic} and snacks. 



Women Who Move Buffalo - Kate from Hope Rises



There are some people that walk into your life and if you're lucky they leave a permanent mark and if you're luckier you can call them your friend. Kate from Hope Rises is one of those people who I am lucky enough to call my friend. She has a huge heart and within the last few months has created Hope Rises, a blog idea that was created on a drive back home from a family trip from Florida. You see Kate was on her way back to Buffalo when the horrible Las Vegas shooting had occurred, feeling helpless she decided to make a difference by bringing positivity to the world by sharing stories of hope, heartfelt humor and happiness. 

Kate loves telling and sharing stories as she has a background in journalism. She tells the story not from her perspective, but from the perspective of her interviewee. As she began this exciting journey back in November she had a lot of help getting Hope Rises off the ground, not only from her loving family, but also from a good friend Nicole Cooke, who helped create the logo and brand.

Through Kate's story she met Annette Adamczak {to read about Annette's story click here} who is now a contributing writer for Hope Rises and a perfect example of faith and hope. The stories featured on Hope Rises are anything from animal rescue stories, military and child illness. They are stories from all over the Country and the World and Kate is looking for more submissions. If you have a feel good story, please feel free to share it with her. You can do that by submitting on her Facebook Page,  Hope Rises or by emailing her at

What does Kate want people to get out of all of this? She wants it to make an impact on people, even if its just one person. "To make a difference in someones life and to be able to give those who feel they don't have a voice the opportunity to let them share their story that is what its all about." Kate is happy to be able to highlight so many positive people. "You learn that there are a lot of heroes around every corner you turn."


What I can tell you, is for me, Hope Rises is a site where I can go when I feel like the world is a complete mess, a place I can go when I feel completely defeated, stressed and just want to give up. Its through the positive, heartfelt stories that help me know that things are ok and they will be ok. It puts the important things in perspective.  

Kate, you are making a difference, you are touching many people's lives and you are helping this world. You are helping people know that things will be just fine and when they feel like they don't have a voice, they do. So continue to be that positive force that we need in this world, because we need more people like you, to create change, create hope and spread more love than hate. 

Thank you for letting me share your story and thank you for being that person who walked into my life, left a permanent mark, reminds me to be a better person each day and who I can be lucky enough to call my friend.


The Dapper Goose

Last week my friend Jen and I got together for a much needed dinner date. We were looking forward to going to the Dapper Goose (both of us never being there before and hearing it is really good, we were excited to check it out).


I don't know if going to the bar for drinks is the thing there, but both of us were not as impressed as we thought we would be. While it is quaint and has nice decor, I didn't think the food was over the moon great. We had a few shared plates (that I thought were very salty, but that may just be me) and don't get me wrong it was ok, but I think maybe hearing all these rave reviews from friends, my expectations were a little high?!? 

I heard they have a good brunch so maybe I need to give it another try, but instead of dinner go for brunch? I'm not sure, but anyways the way they presented the bill was kind of cute, putting it in a little thank you card with a note adds a nice touch. 


A Day Trip to Rochester - Part Two - Beer, Tacos and Margaritas

The Lost Borough Brewing Co.   Drink Local

The Lost Borough Brewing Co. 

Drink Local

Part two of my day trip to Rochester post is highlighting places that I never heard of, but Arica took me to. One was a neat brewery call the Lost Borough Brewing Company. The Apple Pie Ale was very good and bonus if you have a dog they are welcome into the building (I'm not sure how that passes health codes, but its nice to know you can bring your furry pup with you on the trip if you want). Overall it was a cool place to go watch a sporting event and have a few beers. Its small, but when we were there we were able to snag a table so it was all good.



serve me up a margarita 


The last stop on the day trip to Rochester was this very, VERY small Mexican restaurant called  Dorado on Park Ave. Arica and her friend Tyler warned me that it is very small, but I didn't realize as soon as you walk in, the bar is right in front of you and then there is seating on the side and that's really it. In a crazy way I loved it though, it was cozy and the food was really good. The margaritas were delish too! Arica was telling me in the summer they use the patio outside to add more seating, making for a great place to go on a warm summer night. 

This is the El Plato Grande Dish  I got it with Chicken, and it comes with chips sour cream, beans, rice, cheese and guacamole

This is the El Plato Grande Dish

I got it with Chicken, and it comes with chips sour cream, beans, rice, cheese and guacamole


Overall my day trip to Rochester was a blast and featured an variety of different local places to visit. While some of it was planned I loved the surprise of the two places Arica just thought I would enjoy and we ventured around. Life is about experiences, living in the moment and enjoying it. I look forward to more experiences and just living more in the moment this year and I hope you do to. 




A Wedding Experience Like No Other

photo courtesy of Actors Anonymous Theater Company  

photo courtesy of Actors Anonymous Theater Company  

Celebrating their 17th year, Tony n' Tina's Wedding is one of the longest running interactive shows in Western New York and that is something the Actors Anonymous Theater Company (AATC) should be proud of. When John Pirrone of AATC reached out asking me to share this on my site, I couldn't be happier.

I remember going to this show when it was held at Shea's with my best friend at the time. We were in high school and I didn't know what to expect. As I look back on it now, it was a great experience to be a part of. Not only were there a lot of laughs, but it was a night out where everyone (whether you knew each other or not) you were a big family, just enjoying your time out. 

Running January and February of 2018, Tony n' Tina's Wedding gives guests a special treat. Not only do you receive dinner, drinks and live music, but guests have the opportunity to be a part of some aspects of the wedding. 

Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is being held at the Lancaster Country Club from January 26, 2018 through February 17, 2018 on Fridays and Saturdays, 7pm.  

Tickets for the show are $40 for VIP, $35 per person or $32 each for groups of six or more. Tickets can be purchased at or by contacting the box office at 716-633-4355. 

If you are looking for something to do in the upcoming weeks I really recommend attending. Its a unique experience that will bring some laughter and joy into your life.

If you'd like to learn more about the AATC please contact John Pirrone at


p.s. thank you John for letting me share this! 


A Day Trip to Rochester - Burgers, Arcade Games & of course..Wine!


Let's Have Some Fun


Sometimes you just need to get out of town and change the scenery. Right before the New Year I went back to Rochester to visit my friend Arica. There were a bunch of places I wanted to check out and I asked her to go along for the 'adventure.' Today I'm sharing two of the four stops with you.

The first one was Swillburger, a burger and arcade playhouse. First the burger are delicious and the homemade ketchup - not bad! The beer choices are nice and finally the arcade games. Pac Man, Tetris, Jarassic Park, Pinball, I can go on, its so much fun and I highly recommend if you're looking for something to do during these winter months! 



Wine & Co.


Next on the list of places to visit is Living Roots Wine & Co. (my friend Colleen told me about this place and when I looked it up I right away put it on my list of places to go, thanks Colleen!!). Its definitely a place I would visit frequently. Offering an array of wines from the Finger Lakes and Australia and cheese boards, its a place to go with your girlfriends or on a date I would think. The one suggestion I have is to add a few more tables and some stools at the bar. They have the space and I think it would get people to stay a little longer. 



People have asked me to share things to do during the winter months on my blog, so while its about an hour to hour twenty minute drive you can make a day of it. Whether you have young kids and are looking to get them out of the house, Swillburger is a fun place for all ages and on Saturday afternoons there were a decent amount of families there. Living Roots is a good place to go to catch up with friends, go on a date and just chill. 

Over the course of the next few weeks I'll be sharing more activities to do and places to visit during this winter season. In the meantime have a great weekend!




Harlie's 2nd Birthday Adventures

Harlie after are snowshoeing adventure 

Harlie after are snowshoeing adventure 

Harlie turned 2 last week and this year we celebrated by snowshoeing and spending time with my friends Kate, Brian and Rob and their dogs. Harlie met back up with Natalia {who was the first dog she ever had a puppy play date with} and she met some new friends - Lexy, Brody and Jesse. All of them had a great time and at the end of it all Harlie didn't want to get in the car to go home. 

Snowshoeing was fun too! See the pics below. A special thank you to Kate, Brian and Rob for letting us be a part of your afternoon adventure last week. XO



Fun times! Lexy, Jesse and Natalia has a stick in her mouth 

Fun times! Lexy, Jesse and Natalia has a stick in her mouth 

follow the leader, in this case its Rob

follow the leader, in this case its Rob



The silly Natalia playing in the snow

The silly Natalia playing in the snow

Gangs all here, Kate is behind the scenes 

Gangs all here, Kate is behind the scenes 

Let's give these things a try! "It's just like walking" lol

Let's give these things a try! "It's just like walking" lol

Blog-versary Celebration


On the last Friday of 2017 I celebrated with some of the most important people in my life at the Barrel Factory. 5 years ago I began this journey into the "blogging world." Not knowing what I was doing {and sometimes I still don't know}, but enjoying every minute of it. I've learned so much and have been lucky to have the opportunity to experience a lot of new things and meet some amazing people I otherwise wouldn't have.

While I have some ideas for where I would like the next 5 years of Just a Blonde in Buffalo to go, I know things don't always go as planned and am just going to enjoy it day by day. Here's to more adventures, more experiences and meeting some more amazing people. 

To everyone that showed up on Friday at the celebration and to those who were there in spirit thank you for being a part of this journey with me. Cheers to 2018! 

I hope you like the new site! 



Here are more photos from the blog-versary party. 



5 years blogging

A lifetime of support

Steve Balesteri performing 

Steve Balesteri performing 

The Happiest of Happy Hours at the Strong Museum of Play

Just a couple weeks ago my friend Arica and I along with some of her co-workers attended the Happiest of Happy Hours (an after hours, adult event at the museum). Even though I was there for a special event, the museum was so much fun.

Maybe its just because I was excited to be attending an event at a place I haven't been before, who knows, but they had many exhibits for people to explore. I can't imagine you not having a good time, kid or adult there is something for everyone. So if you're looking for something fun to do while on break this week? Take a fun day trip to the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester.


Kitchen Remodel, Post 3 - New Floors

Its been a while since my last post on my kitchen and the reason for that is because my contractor who was planning to install had an accident right after Thanksgiving and it pushed the schedule back. After painting my kitchen cabinets I was going to attempt to put a floor down myself, but didn't want to get in over my head, which I knew I was going to do. My parents had left over flooring from re-doing a room in their basement that I thought would go nice in the kitchen so it helped with some cost savings. Todd is the contractor from Craftsman Renovations that I hired {he has done a lot of work for my Dad, so I know he does a good job} was great. He came this past week and was done in two days. He left the place spotless and I would recommend him to others moving forward. See below for before and after shots and catch my short Instastory on Instagram.

I'm going to take a break from the kitchen remodel until after the new year. Next up on the kitchen project is putting in new butcher block counter tops and a farm sink {I've always wanted one of those}. If you have any places I should check out for counter tops or sinks, send me a message!


{before photos}

{after photos}

Christmas in Canada

This is such a busy time of year and the days just seem to blend together. Last week, the girls from work and myself went up to the Toronto Christmas Market to check out the lights, decorations and just get in the holiday spirit. We left in the early afternoon {and didn't hit any traffic, yay!}  walked around for a few hours, going in and out of shops in Toronto's Historic Distillery District.

{Campbell's soup to warm you up!}

We grabbed some drinks and a bite to eat before seeing all the lights on once the sun went down. Even if it was just for a few hours, listening to the Christmas music, being around friends and getting out of town for a little bit was one of the best things to happen to me over the last few weeks.

The Toronto Christmas Market is one of the best Christmas Markets in the world and its literally in our backyard. It runs until this Saturday, December 23rd... while that's just a couple days away, if you don't have plans or want to do a quick day trip, its worth it.


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USS Little Rock Commissioning

If you've been down by Canalside over the last week or so you may have noticed the USS Little Rock LCS 9 stationed at the dock. This coming weekend it will be commissioned right here in Buffalo. Some of you may have tickets for tours and others may have plans to just come down to see the festivities.  Regardless, the ship is a true beauty, very advanced in technology and one of a kind. 

Last week a handful of co-workers and myself took a tour of the ship and below {and above} are some of the pictures from that. Anyone that is taking a tour this weekend, I'm sure you will enjoy it very much.


Women Who Move Buffalo - Lindsay from Nickel City Pretty

Last week I met up with the wonderful gal, Lindsay from Nickel City Pretty. We met at her awesome studio {Black Box Studio} on Exchange St. and chatted about all of the exciting things she has accomplished and new ventures she is going to tackle in the future. It is one of my favorite interviews to date. Read more on Lindsay and all the fun things she does below.

What made you start Nickel City Pretty and the Buffalo Blogging Network?

Nickel City Pretty started about 5 years ago when I was looking for a hobby to help get me out of a funk. I always liked writing so as a new years resolution I began my venture into the blogging world. When I began I focused a lot on fashion, but over the years have branched out and now talk all about Buffalo and the great things taking place here. From there I began the Buffalo Blogging Network, a place where I could create a sense of community for other local bloggers to come and talk to others about the same interests. I host monthly meetings and networking events for bloggers to meet with one another, collaborate and just bounce ideas off each other. Since the inception there are now about 80 bloggers and vloggers in the network.

{part of her studio space}

On top of working a full time job, running a successful blog and blogging network, this past summer Lindsay opened up her own studio - Black Box Studio located at 567 Exchange St. so I asked her what made her want to open her own studio. 

Her response - I was itching for a bigger office, a place where I could come and put my full attention to my work. One thing I learned from Lindsay when we met is she loves old buildings and the architecture in and around Buffalo and with Larkinville being an up and coming area, when she found out the space was available her and her friend Heather {who is a photographer} jumped at the chance and did a complete reno. Having a studio space allows for me and Heather to bounce ideas off one another, to rent the space out to other people who are looking for a temporary spot to study, work, or hold a photo shoot to name a few things. My take away on the studio - it is super cozy, yet hip and I love everything about it! 

What is one thing you want people to take away from all of your initiatives and what do you enjoy most about each of them? 

Down the road I would love to see Black Box Studio grow and be a place for people to shoot videos, do more photography, host make up classes {Lindsay is a make up artist and still does classes, lessons and books for special occasions} and pop up shops and creative things. The studio is the missing piece to my puzzle. What I enjoy most about each thing I do - her blog - I love interacting with so many cool people, creating my "Nickel City Gritty" series and asking fun questions to get people to see those I features, real personalities. Just being able to work with Visit Buffalo Niagara {VBN} and local business owners and to go out and do all these cool things and be in the community is exciting. With the Blogging Network I love forming friendships, making people interact with one another and to see the collaborations created and the community that is forming is pretty awesome. Meeting Heather and having my own space and being inspired each time I walk into the studio is really exciting.

What do you love most about Buffalo? 

I love how friendly Buffalo is and how we help each other out. I love the old with the new, the architecture and old buildings and history with the new restaurants and technology. I also love how proud people are living here and of course the food. One thing I can say is Lindsay is apart of creating history here in Buffalo, her passion for her blog, the network and studio exude in everything she shares with the public. And I am so lucky to know her and am humbled to be apart of the network and learn from her. 

What is one thing people don't know about you? 

I was supposed to be on a Fisher Price box as a kid, but a few days before the photo shoot I fell and sliced my eyebrow open and needed stitches, needless to say because of that I didn't end up on the box.

Out of all of your initiatives is there one thing you enjoy more than another? 

I enjoy blogging, its my baby. And to be honest it is because of that, that it spawned me into these other ventures. It keeps growing, I enjoy being busy and working on new projects, like my Public Art Page.

What motivates you to keep going? 

The City - the vibrancy, my family and the people that I get to interact with everyday, Everyday life, that's what motivates me and keeps me going. Its all been fun and its a hobby and a job and my passion.

Lindsay is passionate about Buffalo, she gets inspiration from friends who own their own business and are living their passion. She loves local, small business and she screams Buffalo and just wants to show her love for the City in everything she does and I think she does a damn good job at it. The creativity out of Buffalo is amazing, but the dedication and love Lindsay has in everything she does is equally amazing and she inspires me and for that I am so grateful to know her. 

If you are or know of any business that would like to work with Lindsay or know of any person who she should feature on her Nickel City Gritty series contact her here.

{she is always working}